An Open Letter about Carlos Beruff

Governor Desantis,

I am writing to implore you to rescind Governor Scott’s egregious overreach of naming Carlos Beruff as an FWC Commissioner last week.

In case Tallahassee is so out of touch with what real Floridians think, let me recap Commissioner Beruff’s resume, as seen by those in the Florida Outdoors community:

  • He is currently facing an ethics commission complaint over how he helped one of his former development partners while serving as chairman of the Southwest Florida Water Management District. He resigned from SWFWMD after this action.
  • He has been accused of illegally moving an eagle’s nest.
  • Manatee County investigated his company, Medallion Homes, for ripping up a county-owned conservation area.
  • In December of 2011, as a governing board member of SWFWMD, he voted against expanding hunting in Cypress Creek Preserve, Hampton Tract of Green Swamp, in Green Swamp East out parcels, in Halpata Tastanaki, in Conners Preserve, in most of the 16,000 acre Lower Hillsborough Tract with the exception of the small tract opened (2600 acre Washburn tract) for youth and family hunts only (5 permits each).
  • He planned a Marina that would require a 60′ wide channel through 2,100′ of sea grass, but declared it would do no harm to the environment.

I recognize “growth” and “Florida” are synonymous in this day and age; however, this appointment is such an egregious overreach and beyond the pale as a political favor.  It is an embarrassment for the state.  It is a blatant abuse of power.  It is a slap in the face to outdoorspeople statewide.

This decision MUST be rescinded immediately.  Failure to do so immediately  can only be viewed as an adversarial position for this administration towards hunters, fishermen, and, ultimately, Floridians.  Mr. Beruff may very well be qualified for some position on development, or growth, or any manner of other areas; it is unfathomable to any reasonable stakeholder that he be given any authority over Florida’s Wildlife Commission.

Thank you,

Capt. Travis Thompson
Host, Cast and Blast Florida Podcast
Guide, Gasparilla Charters
@travisthompson – @castandblastfl
(863) 206-0762

31 Replies to “An Open Letter about Carlos Beruff”

  1. Please remove this man before more harm is done to our ecosystem, this is not an appointment we need Governor DeSantis . Thank you for your support!

  2. Thank you . I agree. Rick Scott pulled a fast one on Governor Desantis and Floridians by appointing this man who apparently has no regard for our environment and wildlife.

  3. Thanks Travis!
    Without people like you and your group the Public would never know what deals go on with politicians that only benefit a select few.

  4. Remove Beruff immediately! SWFMD needs to be investigated too! They are out of control.
    I’ve lived in Florida 48 yrs. My Grandparents and Father were born here. It breaks my heart the way Florida waters are being polluted. Our beautiful beaches are being destroyed by so many uncaring Companies, over development, over use of toxic weed killers, Big Sugar, the mutilation of the Everglades…the list just goes on. Heartbreaking 💔

  5. I, and many others in Manatee County share this author’s sentiment.
    This appointment rings of blatant textbook “good ol’ boy” favoritism, and definitely tarnishes the face(s) of Florida’s politicians.
    Please rescind this appointment, before he can do more damage than he’s already done.

  6. Red Tide Rick gives Florida one last hosing on his way out of town. He is like a Mersa infection that you can’t get rid of- it’s effects linger on forever.
    I cannot believe the Stupidity of Fla voters who voted him in as Senator! 6 more years of looking at that chrome done and bug eyed maniac looking geek. And all the damage he will do voting for every gift to the Rich and their tax evading corporations that the RepubliCONS put up this year.

  7. Environment before profit, please do the right thing and do not place someone so hateful to our precious environment in a place where they could do even more harm.

  8. Please please remove Beruff. His only agenda is self interest and as a lifelong resident of Florida and a Captain, I implore you to understand we cannot have the fox in charge of the henhouse. Don’t trust me, educate yourself. This man is poison to our Florida environment. Thanks for listening.

  9. Governor DeSantis. Please remove the current FWC board and replace with people that understand the environment ,like outdoor Sportsman, fisherman and Hunters. Our precious States resources have been sorely abused over the last 8 years Administration. Water is life, Florida must have clean pure water to thrive or severe consequences will result. God bless you and your new office of Public Service.

  10. How voters elected Rick Scott to be governor and now senator when he shows such hatred of our environment and our state in general, is beyond comprehension. Gov DeSantis appears to have a mind of his own and NOW is the time to prove it. Remove Beruff immediately!

  11. Please remove Beruff. He is one of the most corrupt people in Florida and has no regard for the environment. The only reason he wants to be on this board is to push through his illegal goal of cutting mangroves and a channel for his new development Longbar Point in Bradenton. I am a huge supporter of the new governor and the Republican Party, but Beruff has no business being appointed to any political position in Florida.

  12. Rick Scott gave us the bird when he did this. It was purposeful. He knew it would tick a lot of people off. Beruff is a criminal. He built homes on toxic lands and built other homes with toxin Chinese drywall. When sued he claimed he was broke so he didn’t have to pay these homeowners. When stopped for speeding at 103 mph he told the cop his expensive car was safer at that speed than other cars are at lower speeds. He lost his license. The guy is bad news for Florida!

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