• #40: Stories, Vol 1

    You asked, we answered! For months, you guys (our listeners) have been asking for “more stories” . . . Nate’s parents and siblings, Travis’ parents, and the CBFL gang all gather on a recent trip to Little Gasparilla Island to tell some of their favorite stories. Volume 1 recounts Travis’ misadventures with the fairer sex, Nate’s misadventures with a Skitter Walk, and our parents’ misadventures at the outdoors . . . Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

  • Graduation

    Today’s the day. You’ll walk across the stage, and shake the principal’s hand, and we’ll eat all the seafood and laugh and cry and take a million pictures. This is the tipping point, the entry into adulthood. Everything is in front of you. But, if you’ll allow your dad a few minutes, I just want to press pause for a minute to reminisce about what’s behind us. I remember the steps up to Watson Clinic Pediatrics. I had been a father for 3 days. I didn’t understand car seats or copayments. Did you know there was a room for “well” kids? Not this guy. I’d say I was braving it…