Teacher Resources

We’ll keep this page updated with resources for all of our Teachers participating in the Teach Me Conservation Program!

Here’s a Podcast we did that’s an overview of our Teach Me Conservation Program! – SpotifyApplePandora

Some of our Conservation 101 Podcasts:

The North American Model of Conservation – Travis, Nate, and Emily take a run at a laymen’s explanation of why conservation matters so much to Sportsmen. – SpotifyApplePandora

The North American Model of Conservation with John Cooper – Mr. Cooper is a legend in Conservation circles; in this conversation, he takes us through the North American Model of Conservation, all 7 tenets, and why it is so important to all Americans – SpotifyApplePandora

The Stages of a Sportsman – Travis, Nate, and Emily talk about a long standing model that discusses the progress of a hunter, and how it affects conservation and recruitment of hunters. – SpotifyApplePandora

Interviews (not Florida Specific, but still important to Conservation)

Rebekah Knight – Waterfowl Artist – SpotifyApplePandora

Cindy Stites – Showing up for Conservation – SpotifyApplePandora

Jared Frasier – 2% for Conservation – SpotifyApplePandora

Bill Cooksey – Vanishing Paradise, National Wildlife Federation – SpotifyApplePandora

Todd Waldron – Modern Carnivore, Conservation and Forestry – SpotifyApplePandora

Florida Specific Conservation Topics

Conservation Lands with Conservation Florida Executive Director Traci Deen – SpotifyApplePandora

Aquatic Plant Management with FWC’s Danielle Kirkland – SpotifyApplePandora

Aquatic Plant Management with UF’s Dr. Jason Ferrell – SpotifyApplePandora

Florida Cattlemen with Matt Pearce – SpotifyApplePandora

Black Crappie Management with FWC’s Allen Martin – SpotifyApplePandora

Fisheries Management with FWC’s Ryan Hamm – SpotifyApplePandora

The South Florida Deer Study with University of Georgia’s Dr. Richard Chandler – SpotifyApplePandora

Fisheries Data Collection with Florida Wildlife Research Institutes Eric Weather – SpotifyApplePandora

Keeping Florida Wild with Conservation Florida’s Adam Bass – SpotifyApplePandora