Teach Me Conservation!

Here’s a link to resources we’ll be trying to keep current for any teacher who wants to talk conservation . . . We’ll be adding way more than podcasts, and way more than our brand, to this page as the year progresses . . . Teacher Resources

Every season, we try to do a program that gets new folks out on the water with us . . . Specifically, we look for people who don’t get opportunities to be exposed to hunters, fishermen, and mostly, conservation . . .

This year, we’re proud to unveil our 2020-21 program: Teach Me Conservation!

Are you an educator? Or do you know an educator who would enjoy an evening on the water . . . Hunting? If they’re interested, but also just looking at the stuff we love and talking about why we care so much about it. Eagles and herons and ducks and alligators and cypress trees and smartweed and invasive plants and native plants and how it all folds into our wild state . . .

As hunters, and especially as conservationists, it’s our duty to give back, to reach out, and to improve the narrative around our passions. And our educators have a direct line to the future of our state. They work tirelessly to make our kids future brighter; sharing our world with them seems like the least we can do!

So . . . If you’re a teacher, para, or administrator, sign up below and we’ll be in touch soon to work out the details of what you’d like to see and experience, scheduling, etc. Or, if you know a teacher, para, etc, you can sign them up (maybe give them a heads up!) and we’ll take care of the rest!

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