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#44: iCast 2018

Did Nate really just join a cult?  Plus, we recap much of the new and noteworthy stuff we discovered at ICAST 2018 last week, including:


A mobile electronic locking system designed for Outdoorsmen.

Seigler Reels:

Wes Seigler taught himself how to work with metal and fashioned an ICAST 2018 Best in Show Fly Reel!


We think this is BETTER than a GoPro – lighter, a better on/off system, AND zoom capabilities, plus lowlight features and a new fish cam!


What DO we want from RidgeMonkey?

How about: A Modular Bucket that Travis is going to turn into the ultimate blind bag? Or what about a PowerBank that would recharge your iPhone 35 times?  CookwareCamp Stoves?


It’s a coffee cup.  It’s a blender.  It’s a percolator.  It’ll cook your soup.  It’ll zap bugs, light up your camp, and who knows what else.  Our pick for “Best in Show” at ICAST 2018 was the Cauldryn system . . .

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