#46: Hot Takes

We asked “What are your ‘Hot Takes’ for Hunting and Fishing?”

And Holy WOW did you guys and gals come through . . .

Does lure color matter? Do 3.5″ shells? Is it more fun to shoot ducks at 50 yards? What actually is the best cartridge for deer?

We tackle all of these, plus Nate decided to run, Emily discovers “skinny-privilege” and Travis talks about Captains for Clean water and some of the issues our waters have dodged . . .


Travis: Mosaic is defeated in Desoto County, staving off the mining industry and giving a much need victory for an ecosystem under attack.

Nate: In the same breath he discusses exercising, Nate discusses the Hardee’s Snackle box, a tackle box packed full of burgers and fries.  Thankfully, this is a fictional thing, and not a real menu item.

Emily: Every Little Thing, a podcast about the little stuff in daily life

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