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#81.5 – Casselberry, FWC, and the Future of Duck Hunting

Here’s what we know about the recent ban on waterfowl hunting inside the City of Casselberry, Florida . . . Our conversations with FWC, the non-profits, stakeholders, and where do we go from here?

Forgive the rambling, quick edit – we wanted to get this information out to you guys as quickly as possible . . .

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  • Matt

    I agree with u we should fight it . I live in longwood maybe 10min from casselberry and like u said the lakes might be small but where do we draw the line if casselberry does it many will follow. The podcast was great thats for the info.

  • Brian miller

    You are right we need to fight its a very slippery slope we are facing and the non profits need to get involved i have been saying for awhile on Facebook that central florida has a lack of representation when it comes to organizations like UW-F and stuff like this can slip right on by

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