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Virtual ICAST with FWC: #2 – TrophyCatch

FWC’s TrophyCatch Program is an awesome opportunity for anglers to show off their big bass, have an amazing chance at some amazing prizes, and an opportunity for the state to collect catch data on these monster fish!

Since it’s inception, the TrophyCatch Program has produced a staggering number of fish (spoiler alert: WAY over 10 tons of Bass have been weighed.  Way over.), it’s provided countless memories for the anglers, and it is a constant source of information for the Commission as they continue to study our world class Bass Fishery.

Today, Ryan Hamm of FWC and Travis are joined by Drew Dutterer and KP Clements, both from FWC’s Freshwater Fisheries division, to discuss the success of this program, the data it has produced, the prizes and sponsors, and how you can register!

Make sure to visit FWC’s Virtual ICAST Page at

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