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#172: R3 is Dead, Long Live R3

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In the past couple of weeks, a number of pieces about hunter numbers, their actual implications, whether or not R3 should or should not be a thing, and the ensuing rebuttals have dotted the hunting-sphere so many of us cycle through.

In a rare deviation from our normal Tuesday format, this week, Nate and Travis are joined by Dan Daniels as we wade through this tangle of articles and columns and offer our takes on what this means for the future of hunting!


Matt Rinella’s Piece on Meateater: The Case Against Hunter Recruitment

Nicole Qualtieri’s Piece on Gear Junkie: The Hunter Decline Myth

Outdoor Life’s “Rebuttal” Piece: Meateater Misses the Point

Outdoor Life’s “Stats” PIece: We Actually Have No Idea How Many Hunters There Are

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