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Bonus Episode: February 2021 Commission Meeting

This week, we’re releasing the audio from the February 2021 FWC Commissioner’s Meeting.

What you will hear:

  • A comment from a developer regarding Orange Hammock WMA and the desire for a buffer to be put into the WMA to “protect” homeowners
  • A comment from a stakeholder, Mike Elfenbein, reflecting OUR sentiment regarding developers
    and hunting
  • A Comment from Commission Chairman Rodney Barreto, regarding his take on the future collision of development and hunting, and how he fears it will progress in this state.

Then, we have the entirety of the Restricted Hunting Area Discussion – RHA’s, for those keeping score at home:

You’ll hear:

  • FWC Director of Hunting and Game Management George Warthen presenting on RHA’s; why we need them, public sentiment, the history of the rule, etc.
  • Vice Chairman, Commissioner Mike Sole, ask George to clarify our sign-on letter, and why the New York rule would not work in Florida
  • Public comments from the Cast and Blast army
  • Commissioner Barreto laughingly remind us that this is “just a draft rule”
  • The Commissioner’s wrap up and vote, including Commissioner Nicklaus explaining why a New York rule wouldn’t work here.

My editorial comments are interspersed, mainly to set the table for what you’re hearing, but the content itself is unedited.


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