#1: Things Fisherman Love

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Show Notes:

Things Fisherman Love

1. Overpriced, Technical Clothing (Looking at you, Columbia)
2. Facebook Groups (shout out to Boca Coast, Salt Strong, The Snook Club, and FB Raffle Groups)
3. The “What’s the Best…?” debate
4. Flat Bill Caps
5. Kenny Chesney
6. Lying about fishing spots
7. Paddle Fishing
8. Talking about boats
9. Boat Shopping
10. Fly Fishing
11. Guessing the fish before it lands
12. Bikini girls holding fish
13. Backseat Fishing

Keep and Release

1. Snook Conservation
2. The Cajun Army (We love you, Texas!)
Here’s a link to the GoFundMe page for the Florida group that’s helping with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas.

1. Fish ID Posts on Facebook
2. Pallatrax Stones


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