#2: Fishing TV Hall of Fame

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Show Notes

Fishing TV Hall of Fame 

The Legends:

1. Bill Dance Outdoors – and here’s the Bill Dance theme song
2. Fishing with Roland Martin- here’s Roland Martin’s theme song, undoubtedly the greatest theme song of all time
3. Hank Parker’s Outdoors Magazine
4. One More Cast with Shaw Grigsby
5. Fishing with Orlando Wilson – here’s a link to Orlando’s Wilson’s theme song
6. The Fishin Hole – Jerry McKinnis
7. Jimmy Houston – here’s a link to Jimmy Houston’s theme song
8. The In-Fisherman
9. Walker’s Cay Chronicles
10. The Spanish Fly
11. George Povermom’s World of Saltwater Fishing

The Up and Coming:

1. Flats Class
2. Saltwater Experience
3.  Reel Time Florida Sportsman – here’s a link to the Fresh Catch music used in the show
4. Addictive Fishing
5. Sportsmen’s Adventures with Capt. Rick Murphy
6. Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report – Here’s a link to Brie Gabrielle’s Instagram feed
7. Fishing the Flats with Henry Waszczuk


Keep and Release:

1. FlexSmart x2 – Bluetooth adapter for older cars
2. Florida Fishing Products Reels – Osprey Line – use code GASPARILLACHARTERS for 10% off

1. Dog and Bone iPhone Case
2. Waiting until the week before season opens to get your bow/gun ready

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